Breast Cancer? A new look at reasons

  • Eating too much meat of many kinds, specially red meat. All meat carries corrupted electromagnetic energy and can severely harm a women's body

  • Eating too much sugar, junk food, canned and processed foods

  • Eating food that has been produced genetically or with the help of hormones

  • Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas, processed and sugary drinks that carry carcinogenic additives

  • Not drinking enough purified water and / or drinking tap water that is loaded with carcinogenic elements

  • Smoking and / or addiction to Recreational Drugs

  • Wearing synthetic clothing: using Bra's that are made with synthetic material and are too tight and interferes with the bio-energy patterns of the breasts

  • Improper manipulation / squeezing of breasts during a sex act, disturbing it's bio-energy patterns

  • Taking showers with extremely cold or hot water

  • Unhygenic, dirty & filthy lifestyle

  • Not sleeping in the right direction

  • Not having enough sleep

  • Watching TV / Cinema that is filled with horror or is violent, depressive and negative

  • Sitting in front of computer for too long or staying around radiation producing gadgets

    Mind-Body issues
  • Not accepting the self and practicing self hate

  • Emotional and mental imbalances

  • Too much negative thinking, anger, jealousy, hate, aggressiveness, greed and egoism

  • Stress, anxiety & worrying all the time

  • Not giving any time to relax the body and always keeping it on the go

    Spiritual & Karmic issues
  • Genetic Disorders

  • Generational Curses

  • Living and / or working around negative people and / or in areas that have high negative energy

  • Exposing your breasts in public by wearing improper clothing that delibrately show your breasts making them vulnerable to the evil eye

  • Targeted psychic attacks and / or spell work done to harm the breasts : Please Click Here to check our website that is dedicated to psychic attacks.

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